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Project Type Office Building
Client Tri Properties Inc Durham, NC.
Completion Date August 2008
Project Size 3350 Square Feet
Contract Value $10,250,000


Tri Properties Inc Durham, NC.

(  Commercial  )

Masonry –  Brick Vaneer  –  Lay bricks in the fresh bed of mortar in plump manner,

Tuck Pointing –  To cut out existing lose, cracked masonry from brick joints with 3/4″

grinder, then fill out joints with fresh waterproof mortar added with

acryl – 60  – bonding agent – keep away water intrusion from brick joints.

Concrete Sidewalks –  To cut out existing concrete surface 6″ in depth, then install

          wire mesh , reinforced with tie bar, afterward, pour out fresh

          concrete in smooth manner.

Weather Stripping –    To apply butyl caulking on the parameters of windows,

EPDM – Roofing –         To inspect the surface of the roof deck, look for any nails, screws

          that are above surface, then apply caulking to any gaps in the

          decking areas greater than 1/4″, then  apply EPDM adhesive

          on the deck area, afterward lay down EPDM roll 20 X 100 foot


          To install flashing around heating and plumbing vents,

TPO – Roofing –              Installation of Single ply rubber roof

           Line up first roll of self adhering TPO roofing membrane at the

           corner of roof and begin rolling it out,

           Make sure that there are no bubbles on the surface,

Carpet Installation –     To install carpet padding first on the existing surface, then

           install prime Urethane grafted prime foam which is best for

           high traffic commercial areas,

           To install tackles strips to the floor, With its lose end extending

           up the wall about 6″, then roll out the carpet to opposite wall,

Brick Pointing –

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